We are working on four basic approaches of sustainable training for learners included

 Zero Distance Education

This program is designed for those professional who have not time to visit any university and/or its campus for their knowledge growth and productivity. We are providing them an equal opportunity to learn from our knowledge workforce. Now business executives can learn in their office work environment and/or conference room anytime anywhere as decided. We scan requirements of executives and evaluate the best source person for our candidate. Package depends on the requirements and/or our negotiation with both of the parties.

 Virtual Training Program

This Program is designed for those people who are working in some remote areas and/or having upset traveling schedule. We are trying to accommodate mobile people as well. If you are living in some remote areas, spending maximum time on the Internet surfing and/or traveling nationally/internationally, our system can help you in very intuitive way for your personal and professional growth.

 Community-based Program

Community-based Programs are designed with help of particular community. We are offering first time extensively customizable community based programs. We’ll work as advisor and develop contents with community’s top executive and manage faculty and environment for specific program.

 Customizable Programs

We are offering multiple stacks of 18 (A-R) Customizable Study disciplines. If you are research minded people and unable to locate your resource place and/or resource person you can contact us with confidence. We have knowledge-resource pool. Successful personalities (from different areas of business, commerce and industry) are with us to promote this system. You can ask for more details when you complete your registration process with ACME Group. After completion of your membership to particular forum we refer you to your program advisor. You’ll work with your advisor to explore you area of interest and your package will be based on your credit hours.