DG's Message

During past years many institutions have experienced changes in economic, behavioral, geographic and technological dimensions. These factors have challenged institutions’ leaders to adopt different management strategies, often without expected results. The economic constraints of large institutions are pushing out « old » but experienced people. This knowledge disappearing is fatal for institutions and their students.
More and more institutions are designing their curriculum through profit burning response. They lose knowledge on how students grasp their learning system; they have no knowledge about student’s needs & Interest. Some institutions are offering complex disciplines and trying to attract young generation with their no-purpose agreements with some overseas organizations and/or institutions. Of course, this game is profit-making so many other instructions are also proactive in looking and joining the same race.
Decisions are made in more and more complex environment in which it is necessary to take into consideration many factors at the same time. Extending educational setups into planetary dimension generates needs to have access to the best level knowledge any time. Recently, some institutions are talking about re-engineering and introducing a global approach, reuse of design components and return on experience.
ACME Group, proudly steps to the same change and welcome to form the partnership of knowledge that is only sustainable thing in this world.

Thanks and Regards,

Muhammad Zulqarnain Mughal
Director General
ACME Group